What is the Agency Program?

The ActiveCampaign Agency Program is an opportunity to create your own business around our platform.

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What is the Agency Program?

As an Agency Partner you have the ability to transact with your clients in a way that makes the most sense for you. Choose to bill your accounts directly, or have ActiveCampaign manage your account billing, so you can focus on what you do best - growing your client's businesses.

Become an Agency Partner

If you’re interested in becoming an Agency Partner, please confirm the items below:

  • You are able to manage the entire sales process rather than referring business to the ActiveCampaign Sales team
  • As referrals become customers, you are able to manage and service their accounts directly, without account support from ActiveCampaign

If you are aligned with the requirements of being an Agency Partner, you'll want to sign up

We'll ask you to create a username (your email address), a password, and submit billing information. After you submit this information, a member of our Channel team will contact you and speak with you more about the program.


For a complete overview of billing and pricing, please refer to this article:

Log in to your Agency Dashboard

When you log in to your Agency Dashboard, you're able to administer your customer accounts and adjust various settings.

Create a successful Agency business

Many of our successful agencies offer additional services and/or serve certain verticals, in addition to offering our platform.  The more value and expertise you can provide customers, the more repeat business and success you’ll likely to experience.

Example agency services include:

  • Sales consulting 
  • Implementation services
  • Marketing or digital services 

You may also want to focus on a particular niche, industry, or vertical. You could create a solution for a specific type of business. This will allow you to appeal to a specific type of business with a specialized solution. You could create automation workflows for that business type and include them in their accounts or help them set them up after purchasing.

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