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The "Social Links" content block lets you add social icons to your campaigns and automation emails. You can use these icons redirect subscribers to your social media profiles or let subscribers share your communication on their social networks.

Adding social links to your communications

To add the Social Links content block to your email:

  1. Navigate to the campaign or automation email you want to update.
  2. Click "Edit" to access the email designer. 
  3. Drag the "Social Links" content block to your email.
  4. Once added, the "Social Link Builder" modal will appear. Here you can choose to have the links open to your own social network pages or you can choose to let subscribers share your communication in their own social networks.
  5. To redirect subscribers to your own social media network(s), enter your social media URLs into the appropriate URL fields.
  6. If there is a network listed that you do not want to use, toggle it to "Off."
  7. To reorder social networks in this block, click the hamburger icon for the network you want to move and drag it to your desired spot.  

If there is a social network not listed that you would like to see in this widget, please send us your feedback

Customize your social icons

You can customize how the social icons appear in your email by adjusting the button style and theme.

Customize your icons

  1. From your email, click the "Customize" tab from the "Social Link Builder" modal.
  2. Under "Button Style," choose to have the icons appear as "Flat" or "3D" from the first dropdown.
    • With the "Flat" option, choose to have the icons appear as solid or show an outline of the button instead. You can also choose to have the buttons appear as colorful, dark, or light
    • With the "3D" option, choose to have the icons appear as colorful, dark, or light

Customize your theme

The themes you can choose from are square, round, or hexagon. To select a theme:

  1. Click the shape you want to use under "Theme." A checkmark will indicate the shape you selected. We'll also show you a preview of what those buttons will look like in the "Preview" box.
  2. Once you have created and styled your social icons, click "Save."

Your customized social icons will then be added to your email.

Edit your social links

Once the "Social links" content block is added to your email, you can make changes before sending it out to contacts. To do so:

  1. Click the "Social Links" content block
  2. A modal toolbar will appear. Here you can:
    • Edit the social icons you want to use, remove icons, or add more icons
    • Display the icons as vertical or horizontal
    • Have the icons appear to the left, right, or center of the content block


If contacts share your email on Facebook or Twitter, we'll display that information on the Reports page in your account. To view this information, click on your campaign from the Reports page then select "Social" from the left side menu.

This page will show you total shares, number of Twitter mentions, and number of Facebook shares. We will also list which contacts shared your campaign and which network they shared your campaign on.

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