An overview of Attribution


Attribution helps you measure marketing activities that had an impact on getting a contact to achieve a desired business objective. With Attribution, you can measure the conversions and touchpoints that led to a conversion.

What does Attribution do?

Attribution helps you explore touchpoints (traffic sources) that helped your contacts covert. You can see this information in the following places in your account:

  • Contact Record
    Attribution displays a list of conversions the contact achieved and which touchpoints played a part in getting the contact to convert
  • Segment Builder 
    Attribution exposes conversions and touchpoints in the Segment Builder. These segment conditions help you find contacts in your account who did or did not achieve a conversion or the traffic sources (an ad, campaign, medium, channel, etc) that were used to get a contact to visit your website
  • "Conversion Occurs" automation trigger
    Use the “Conversion occurs” trigger to start an automation when a contact acheives a specific conversion

What are conversions?

A conversion is an event that you are trying to get a contact to do. This could be a visit to a specific page on your website. It could also be when an anonymous visitor becomes a known contact, or when a contact performs a specific action in an automation. 

A conversion can have an attributed value. For example, if you know that 1 in 10 contacts that subscribe to your newsletter end up spending $200, then you might give a “Newsletter subscription” conversion a value of $20.

What are touchpoints (traffic sources)?

Traffic sources are how your customers find your website. They are made up of a combination of paid traffic sources, (Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, etc) and organic traffic sources. This can include a Quora answer, links from guest blog posts, reviews of your products on external sites, or social media posts.

Knowing the sources of your contacts is useful. It helps you learn where your best contacts come from so you can focus your efforts on getting more contacts from those places.

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