How does ActiveCampaign Attribution work?


Attribution uses ActiveCampaign Site Tracking to parse out utm parameters from your advertising campaigns. ActiveCampaign uses the same utm parameters marketers are already familiar with, to associate the traffic source with the contact.

When a contact visits your website, if the url the contact visited has one of the standard 5 utm tracking parameters (utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign, utm_term, utm_content), site tracking will parse this additional information and associate it as an “unconverted source.” It will call this special site visit a “touchpoint.”

When the contact performs a conversion event, all the previous touchpoints the contact interacted with will be attributed to the conversion event.

Why is this useful?

This paves the way for ActiveCampaign to provide intelligent marketing recommendations, to surface which advertising and marketing efforts are working for you to achieve your business objectives.

Attribution also allows ActiveCampaign users to perform advanced marketing personalization, by sending messaging to contacts based on the topics that matter to the contact based on their behaviors.

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