How do I set up a conversion in ActiveCampaign?

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You can set a conversion event to fire a number of different ways. You can use “OR” parameters to create a combination of different criteria to trigger a conversion. The four different ways that you can trigger an automation are:

  • Site Tracking (when a contact visits a key webpage)
  • Event Tracking (when the contact triggers a specific API event)
  • Manually via Automation (when a contact achieves a goal or crosses through a conversion trigger in an automation)
  • Manually via JavaScript snippet

To create a conversion:

1. Click "Settings" in the left menu

2. Click "Conversions."

3. Click the "Add a new conversion" button.

4. An "Add a New Conversion" modal will appear. You will need to complete the following fields:

  • Conversion name
    Type the name of the conversion
    into the field provided. This is an internal name. Only you and other users on your ActiveCampaign account will see this name.
  • Conversion value and currency
    Click the "Conversion Value" dropdown
    to select a value for the conversion. Click the currency dropdown to select the currency for the value.
  • "Apply this conversion to any contacts who triggered this conversion before it was created" checkbox
    Clicking this checkbox
    will apply the conversion to any contacts who met the conversion conditions, prior to you setting the conversion up. This setting is optional.
  • "Limit conversions to 1 time per contact"
    Clicking this checkbox
    will limit the number of times the same contact can trigger this conversion. You can change the limit in this statement. To do so, click "1." A modal box will appear. Type the new limit into the modal box. This setting is optional.
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5. Under "Conversion Triggers," you will use the Segment Builder to create trigger(s) for the conversion. While there are three types of conversions to choose from, you can have as many triggers fit your needs.

The Conversion Triggers you can use are:

  • URL
    With this option, a conversion occurs when a contact visits a webpage that you define. This options requires you to intall ActiveCampaign Site Tracking on your site. With this option, you can trigger the conversion to occur if a contact goes to a specific URL or a webpage that contains specific text in the URL.
  • Tracked Event
    With this option, a conversion occurs when a contact completes a specific tracked event. This option requires you to set up Event Tracking in your ActiveCampaign account. You will also have the option to click the "Use the provided value for the event" checkbox. Clicking this option means that the value of the event will be the value for the conversion.
  • Manual
    Selecting this option will generate Javascript code. This code will be generated once the conversion is saved. You will be able to place this code on any page in your website. A conversion will trigger every time that code runs. If the "Supply the value manually via Javascript" box is checked, the value for the conversion will be the same value provided by the trackcmp_conversion_value parameter of the Javascript code.

6. Click the "Create" button when finished.

The conversion will be listed on the "Conversions" page in your ActiveCampaign account.

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