How do I set up ActiveCampaign conversions?

You can set a conversion event to fire a number of different ways. You can use “OR” parameters to create a combination of different criteria to trigger a conversion. The four different ways that you can trigger an automation are; Site Tracking (when a contact visits a key webpage), Event Tracking (when the contact triggers a specific API event), Manually via Automation (when a contact achieves a goal, or crosses through a conversion trigger in an automation) and Manually via JavaScript snippet.

To create a conversion event, navigate to the “Conversions” tab of your settings page. The Conversions tab on the My Settings page of your account lists all the conversions you've created. You can add a new conversion, delete existing ones, or edit an existing one.


The name of the conversion is only seen by you and fellow ActiveCampaign users; the contact never sees this. The value of the conversion can be set to any currency that ActiveCampaign currently supports.

If you check the Apply this conversion to any contacts... checkbox, this new conversion will apply to any contacts who triggered this conversion before now. For example, if you create a conversion that is triggered by visiting the contact page of your website and you check this checkbox, any contacts who ever visited the contact page of your website will have this conversion applied to them (even if they visited the contact page a year ago).

If you wish, you can limit the number of times a contact can trigger this conversion. Check the Limit conversions to... checkbox and click the number to change how many times.

When adding a conversion on the My Settings page, you can add any number of triggers to a conversion (but only one manual trigger). There are 3 available triggers.

URL via Site tracking

This trigger occurs when a contact visits a URL that matches the specified one, or a URL that contains the text specified. An example of this would be if a contact is redirected to a “Thank You” page after a purchase.

In order for URL conversions to work, you must have Site Tracking installed, and the domain white listed. Read more about ActiveCampaign Site Tracking.

Event tracking

This trigger occurs when a contact completes the specified event tracking event. If the Use the event's provided value checkbox is checked, the value for this conversion will be the value provided by the eventdata parameter of the chosen event tracking event.

Read more about ActiveCampaign Event Tracking.

Manual via JavaScript

This trigger provides Javascript code that you can put wherever you want on your site. Once that code is run, the conversion will be triggered. If the Supply the value manually via javascript checkbox is checked, the value for this conversion will be the value provided by the trackcmp_conversion_value parameter of the Javascript code provided by this trigger.

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