Automatic import

The automatic import feature adds and updates contacts in your account on a recurring basis without manual intervention. It works by first fetching contacts that match your criteria, then will routinely check for new or updated contacts every 30 minutes.

This tool will also create fields and corresponding personalization tags for you based on the name of the external service. For example, if you are using Google Contacts, the "Manage Fields" page will display the field created in Google Contacts along with its personalization tag:


The automatic import will not:

  • Send instant autoresponders for new contacts added
  • Trigger webhooks to fire for added or updated contacts
  • Update a contact to “Active” status if they are currently unsubscribed
  • Allow you to manually map fields
  • Send list-specific subscription notifications (notifications set up on the Lists > Advanced Settings)

To create an automatic import:

  1. Go to Contacts and click “Import.”


  2. Select the external service you want to import contacts from.
  3. A modal window will pop up. Follow the prompts for each screen to complete set up.
  4. Once complete, a number will appear showing you how many automatic imports are set up for that specific external service.
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