Merge contacts

Listed below are the step-by-step instructions to merge two contacts. It is not possible to merge more than two contacts at this time. Once a contact is merged, the action cannot be undone.

  1. Go to the Contacts Overview page by clicking Contacts in the top menu and locating the contact record you would like to merge from. This contact will be your Source contact.
  2. Click on the gear icon located next to the destination contact's name and select "Merge."

  3. A modal window will appear and suggest other contacts for you to merge the source contact into. These are called destination contacts. If the destination contact of your choice isn't listed, type their email address in the search bar.


  4. Click the "Merge" button once you have located your desired destination contact.


  5. Resolve field conflict(s). If your two contacts have different values for the same field(s), you will be asked which contact's field values to keep and which to discard. To select the contact's field(s) you wish to keep, click on that contact's name then click "Next." To view all conflicting fields, click "View all conflicting fields." This choice will be applied to all conflicting fields for this merge.

    In the example below, I selected the destination contact's field value:


  6. Resolve automation conflict(s). If these two contacts are in the same automation(s), you will need to choose either the Source Contact's version of the automation(s) or the destination contact's version of the automation(s). To select either version, click on that contact's name then click “Next.” Your choice will be applied to all of the same automations that both contacts are in. To see all conflicting automations, click “View conflicting automations.”

    In this example, I selected the source contact's automation stage:


  7. Read and click the checkboxes in the final confirmation modal. Once finished, click "Merge" to complete the merge action.


  8. A confirmation message will appear when the merge is complete. Click "Finish" to exit.


Once the merge is complete, the source contact will no longer exist in your account and only the destination contact will remain.

Tags from the source contact will be added to the destination contact. These tags will be listed in addition to what the destination contact already has listed in their profile.

Open deals assigned to the source contact only will not be deleted and will not be assigned to the destination contact. Instead, this open deal will remain unassigned in your account.

If there were other contacts on the deal in addition to the source contact, the deal will still be assigned to those contacts.

Past campaign activity from the source contact will be added to the destination contact's activity feed.  

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