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[Video] How do I add a default value to a field or personalization tag?



When the personalization tag for your field is inserted into a campaign or automation email, the value for that tag will automatically be inserted once that email is sent. If a contact does not have a value for that field, then they will see a blank space where the value normally would be.

To avoid this, you can add a default value to that field. Please note that default values cannot be added to the Email address field or the Phone field.

The steps below will walk you through how to add a default value to a field. You can also follow these steps to edit any default values you have already added.

  1. Click “Lists” from the top navigation menu then click “Manage Fields.”

  2. Locate the field you wish to add a default value to and click “Edit.”


  3. Type the default value into the field and click “Save.”


Note: Default values will not be applied to the Contact Profile page but will render in campaigns and automation emails.

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