How to add a default value to a personalization tag



In ActiveCampaign, contact fields (all Marketing and Sales plans), deal fields (all Sales Plans), and account fields (Marketing Professional and Enterprise plans and all Sales plans) have corresponding personalization tags. Inserting these tags into campaigns and automation emails will display dynamic content specific to the recipient, their deal, or their account. This can result in a personalized experience for your contacts and increased engagement with your content.

However, if a field value is blank in ActiveCampaign for a field, dynamic content will not display in the email. Instead, the recipient will see a blank space in their communication where the content should be.


In order to avoid this situation, we recommend adding default values to the fields you'll be using the most in your communications.

Note that it is not possible to add default values to standard deal or account fields.

To add a default value to a field:

  1. Click Contacts on the left menu.
  2. Click Fields.
  3. Click either the Accounts, Contacts, Or Deals tab.
  4. Hover your mouse over the field you wish to add a default value to and click the pencil icon that appears.
  5. A modal window will appear. Type the default value into the field provided and click "Save."

Default values will not appear on contact profile records or deal records. If a field does not have a value, the default value is substituted at the time of personalization.

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