How to send one-to-one emails to any contact on a Deal

The Deals CRM is available on the following plans:

  • Plus
  • Professional
  • Enterprise

You can send one-to-one emails to any contact on a deal. One-to-one emails are also called personal emails. You may want to send a one-to-one email to a contact to set up a meeting or schedule a follow-up call.

Send a one-to-one email to a contact on a deal

1. Click "Deals" to navigate to the Deals page.

2. Locate the deal containing the contact you wish to send an email to. You can use the search field to locate this deal.

3. Click the deal name to open the Deal Details page.

4. Click the email address of the contact you wish to send an email to.

5. The email composer will open.

  • Type the subject line into the subject line field
  • Type the message into the message field

Note that the "From" email address cannot be changed.

email composer

6. Style and format your message (optional).

  • Use the bold, italics, and underline options to point out important information
  • Hyperlink text by using the link icon
  • Use the bullet options to create bulleted lists
style toolbar

7. Leverage saved responses in your emails (optional). To do so, click the Saved Response icon and click the saved response you wish to insert into your email.

Saved responses

8. Personalize the email to your contact (optional). Click the personalize option (lightning bolt) then click the attribute you wish to insert into your email. Note that you'll need to scroll down to see all attributes in this box.

personalization attributes

Note that if any of the personalization tags appear in red, then the contact does not have a value for that field. If you try to send a personal email with a tag highlighted in red, you will be asked to add a value for that field before sending your message.

9. Add the contact to an automation (optional). You can add the contact to any active automation when the email is sent or when a reply to your message is received. To do so, click the "Automate this email" icon

Automate this email

A modal window will open. Click the automation dropdown and click the automation you wish to add the contact to. Then choose to add the contact to the email when you send the email or when they reply by clicking either option. Click the "Save" button when finished.

Add to an automation

10. When finished creating the email, click the "Send" button to send it to your contact.

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