Send a direct 1:1 email from a deal record


You can send direct 1:1 emails to a contact right from their deal record. You can use this feature to set up a meeting or schedule a follow-up call with the contact.

To learn how to send an automated 1:1 email, visit How to send 1:1 sales emails with automation.

Take note

  • Contacts do not need to be subscribed to a list to receive a direct 1:1 email
  • 1:1 emails do not contain an unsubscribe link
  • To learn how to send a direct 1:1 email to a contact from the Contacts Overview page or a Contact Record, visit the "How to send a 1:1 email to a contact" help article

About sending direct 1:1 emails from a deal record

There are two ways to send direct 1:1 emails in ActiveCampaign:

From an email account connected to ActiveCampaign

If you connected your email account in Deals > Connected Emails, you can use it to send direct 1:1 emails to contacts right from your ActiveCampaign account. When you do, it will use your email account to send the email and not ActiveCampaign's servers. This also lets you:

  • Use a Cc or a Bcc
  • Track opens, link click, and reply activity
  • Trigger automations based on engagement activity (opens, clicks, replies)
  • View the sent email on the contact's activity stream
  • View the sent email on the "Emails" tab on the contact record
  • View the sent email on the "Emails" tab on the deal record
  • View email engagement activity on the contact's activity stream
  • View your sent emails in the Sent folder of your email inbox
  • Sync follow-up email correspondence to your ActiveCampaign account

Learn how to connect your email account to ActiveCampaign

From your ActiveCampaign account

If you haven't connected your email account to the CRM, you can still send direct 1:1 emails to contacts using the instructions below. However, these will be sent from ActiveCampaign's servers instead of your email account. This sending option has limited benefits, all of which are listed below:

  • View the sent email on the contact's activity stream
  • View the sent email on the "Emails" tab on the contact record
  • View the sent email on the "Emails" tab on the deal record

  You cannot send direct 1:1 emails with both sending options at the same time. Once you connect your email account to ActiveCampaign in Deals > Connected Emails, you cannot send direct 1:1 emails from the ActiveCampaign servers. You would need to disconnect the connected email to use the ActiveCampaign servers.

Send a direct 1:1 email from a deal record

  1. Click Deals to navigate to the Deals page.
  2. Locate the deal, then click the deal name to open the deal record.
  3. Open the email composer. To do so, you can take any one of the following three actions: 
    • Click the "Send an email" button at the top right
    • Go to the Contacts section of the deal record and click the email address of the contact you wish to send an email to
    • Click the "Emails" tab at the bottom of the Deal record and click "Send an email"
  4. The email composer will load. Set the "To" email address. This is the email address of the contact who will receive your email. Note that the recipient must be a contact associated with the deal. You can only select one contact.
  5. The "From" email address is set for you by default and will show your connected email address. You can switch the "From" email address to any email address connected to deals.
    • If your email account is not connected, we'll show your ActiveCampaign account email address here
  6. Optional: Set a Cc and or a Bcc (connected email accounts only). To set up this option:

    • Click either Cc or Bcc
    • Type the email address into the field provided
  7. Type the subject line into the subject line field.
  8. Type the message into the message field.
  9. While creating your message, you can also:
  10. When finished, click the "Send" button to send the email to your contact.

Format and style your message

You can add styling and insert links into your email. For example, you can bold, italicize, underline, and strikethrough your text.

Bold, Italicize, or underline icons.jpg

To insert a link, bullet points, or numbered bullet points you can use the following icons: 

Add a link, bullet points, or an ordered list icons.jpg

You can also switch from HTML to a plain text email by clicking the three horizontal dots icon.

Three dot icon to switch to or from HTML or Plain Text.jpg

Include a Saved Response in your email

Saved Responses is a time-saving solution that lets you create and reuse commonly used phrases in your 1:1 emails. You can learn more about them by visiting the "About Saved Responses" help article

Saved Responses can only be used with 1:1 emails

To use a saved response in your email:

  1. Click the “Saved Responses” icon.
    Saved Responses Icon.jpg
  2. Then click the response you want to use.  

Use personalization in your 1:1 emails

You can add personalization to your email with personalization tags with two options:

Option 1:

  1. Click the "Personalize" icon.
    Personalize Icon.jpg
  2. Choose the Personalization Attribute from the list and a blue placeholder will show up where your cursor is in the email composer.

Option 2:

  1. Type the percentage symbol (%) into the body of the message. You’ll be presented with "Attribute Menu" of fields you can insert.
  2. Select the field you wish to use, you’ll see a blue placeholder in the email composer with an inserted value.

Note: If any of the personalization tags appear in red, then the contact does not have a value for that field. If you try to send a personal email with a tag highlighted in red, you will be asked to add a value for that field before sending your message.

Use AI in your 1:1 emails

Available with connected emails only.

You can use AI in 1:1 emails to help write and enhance your message.

To use this option:

  1. From your 1:1 email, click the AI icon at the bottom right.
    AI Icon.jpg
  2. In the modal, provide a prompt. For example, you can type “A thank you for following up and telling them I’ll reach out to them.” The more specific you can be, the better the results you’ll receive.
  3. Click the “Submit” button.
  4. Click the green check mark to add the suggested text to your 1:1 email, or click the red “X” to discard the suggested text.
  5. If the suggestion is not right:
    • Click the circle arrow icon to retry
    • Click into the “Ask AI to change it” field and choose to make the text longer, shorter, or change the tone. You can also type more specific feedback, like “Make it funny,” into the space provided.

Use the "Automate this email" option

When creating a 1:1 email for a contact, you can choose to add that contact to any active automation. You can decide to add the contact to an automation once the email is sent or when the contact replies to it.

To use this option,

  1. Click the "Automate this email" icon.
    Automate this email Icon.jpg
  2. A modal window will appear. Select the automation you wish to use.
  3. Next, select "When I send the email" or "When they reply to the email"
  4. Click the "Save" button.
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