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With ActiveCampaign's Zendesk Support integration, you can connect your Zendesk Support account to your ActiveCampaign account. Doing so will sync contacts and their ticket information to ActiveCampaign whenever a ticket event occurs.

Take note

  • You need an ActiveCampaign account and a Zendesk Support account to complete the integration setup
  • This integration is a one-way sync from Zendesk Support to ActiveCampaign
  • This integration is not available to users of Zendesk's "Support Essential" legacy plan
  • The setup is completed from your ActiveCampaign account
  • You can use this integration to map Zendesk Support fields to existing Contact, Deal, Account, and private Custom Object fields in ActiveCampaign
  • This integration will not create any new Contact, Deal, Account, or private Custom Object fields. However, data from Zendesk Support will create new and update existing Contact, Account, and private Custom Object data records

Configure the Zendesk Support integration

This setup includes mapping Zendesk Support object fields to ActiveCampaign Contact, Deal, Account, and private Custom Object fields. Before setting up this integration, ensure you have corresponding ActiveCampaign fields created in your account.

  1. From your ActiveCampaign account, click "Apps."
  2. Use the search field on the top right of the “All Apps” page and search for "Zendesk Support."
  3. Click the "Zendesk Support" option to open it.
  4. The Zendesk Support apps page will load. Click the "Add an account" button.
  5. A modal window will appear:
    • Type or paste your Zendesk Support account subdomain into the field provided
    • Click the "Connect" button
  6. If you're signed in to your Zendesk Support account, the integration setup will redirect you to an authorization page. Click the "Accept" button to continue.
  7. If you are logged out of your Zendesk Support account, the integration setup will prompt you to log in and authorize the connection.
  8. The modal will show a "Review Events" step. This step is for informational purposes only. It shows that your ActiveCampaign account will receive ticket data from Zendesk when a ticket is created or updated. Click the "Continue" button.
  9. Next, the modal will show a "Zendesk Support Objects" step. This step is for informational purposes only. It shows you that a Zendesk Support Ticket object will be created and all fields that we'll populate for that object. Click the "Continue" button.
  10. The last step for this modal is "Field Mapping." Map the email address field from Zendesk Support to the email address field in ActiveCampaign. (Required)
  11. Optional: Map additional fields you want to sync. For standard objects - Contacts, Deals, and Accounts - we will present the required fields necessary to complete mapping.
  12. If you are mapping any of the following for Deal fields - Currency, Deal Owner, Pipeline, or Stage - you can map to values in ActiveCampaign or use the “Map from Source” option. The “Map from Source” option lets you override a selection from the provided list of values, and go back to mapping data from your third-party source
  13. Click the "Finish" button.

The Zendesk Support Apps page will appear and display the connected Zendesk Support account.

How the Zendesk Support integration works

Contacts sync to your ActiveCampaign account whenever a new ticket is created or updated in Zendesk Support. During the integration setup, you can determine which information will sync to ActiveCampaign.

This integration adds a tag to all synced contacts, which will appear on contact records. In addition, contact records will contain a Zendesk Ticket custom object, which will display all tickets for the contact from that point forward.

Each ticket in this object will have the Status, Ticket ID, Priority, Type, and Updated At fields. 

The information displayed in these fields is for informational purposes only. It is not possible to edit these fields from your ActiveCampaign account.

Once the integration is connected, two new automation triggers will be available for use. In addition, you can use synced data to segment contacts and personalize automated campaigns. 

Tag added to contact records

Contacts added to ActiveCampaign through this integration will have the following tag added to their records:

  • zendesk-support-integration

Synced field values

Any mapped fields will be updated.

Mappings created to Deals, Accounts, or private Custom Objects will create or update the associated Deal and Account records, too. By mapping to Deal, Account, or Private Custom Object fields in the same resource as a Contact mapping, a relationship between those records will be established. The Deal and Account records will be create’/d with the related Contact, and the Private Custom Object record will be created in the Custom Object table view on the Contact record.

Zendesk Support custom object automation triggers and actions

The automations trigger modal will contain two new custom object triggers:

  • Zendesk Support Ticket Created
    Ticket requestors are pulled into the automation when a new Zendesk ticket is created.
  • Zendesk Support Ticket Updated
    Ticket requestors are pulled into the automation when a synced Zendesk ticket is updated.

These two triggers are located under the "Apps" section of the trigger modal.

There are some constraints to keep in mind when using these two triggers:

  • You can only use one trigger for your automation
    This only applies if you're using a custom object trigger. As a reminder, the ticket information we're syncing is a custom object from Zendesk Support.
  • You can only use one filter for your automation trigger 
    This only applies if you're using a custom object trigger. The fields and values you can segment are from the Zendesk ticket.


You can use Zendesk ticket field data when creating "If/Else" actions in your automation. 

It is not possible to use Zendesk ticket field data data when creating:

  • List segments
  • Advanced searches
  • Conditional content
  • Contact or deal scores
  • Goal automation actions
  • Conditional wait automation actions
  • Conditional split automation actions

For more details, learn how to build Automations with custom objects

Personalize emails

Once you configure the integration, you can use the Ticket custom object fields to personalize any email campaign sent from an automation. You can find these personalization options under the "Custom Objects" section in the "Add a Personalization" modal.  

Note that you must use a Zendesk Support automation trigger in order for the "Custom Objects" section to appear with your Ticket custom object fields.

These fields are not available to use in 1:1 emails or campaigns sent from the Campaigns tab in your ActiveCampaign account.

View list of Zendesk Support Ticket Fields

The Ticket custom object fields you can use to personalize emails include:

  • Zendesk Support Ticket: Status
  • Zendesk Support Ticket: Ticket ID
  • Zendesk Support Ticket: Priority
  • Zendesk Support Ticket: Type
  • Zendesk Support Ticket: Updated At
  • Zendesk Support Ticket: Assignee ID
  • Zendesk Support Ticket: Brand ID
  • Zendesk Support Ticket: Created At
  • Zendesk Support Ticket: Ticket Description
  • Zendesk Support Ticket: Due At
  • Zendesk Support Ticket: External ID
  • Zendesk Support Ticket: Forum Topic ID
  • Zendesk Support Ticket: Group ID
  • Zendesk Support Ticket: Organization ID
  • Zendesk Support Ticket: Problem ID
  • Zendesk Support Ticket: Raw Subject
  • Zendesk Support Ticket: Recipient
  • Zendesk Support Ticket: Requestor ID
  • Zendesk Support Ticket: Ticket Subject
  • Zendesk Support Ticket: Submitter ID
  • Zendesk Support Ticket: Ticket Forum ID
  • Zendesk Support Ticket: URL

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