How do I show images in my RSS email?

Our email designer pulls in information exactly as it exists in your RSS feed URL. This means that we’ll display image elements that appear inside of other elements in your feed, such as the description tag (<description>).

For example:

If you wish to reference a specific image in your email, you’ll first need to make sure your image is set up as its own element in your RSS feed.

For example:

<enclosure url="" length="12345" type="image/jpeg"/>


<media:content url="" type="image/jpeg" medium="image" />

Once your feed contains your image elements, you should be able to see “Content URL” or “Enclosure URL” as available elements to choose from when customizing your feed in the RSS Feed Builder:

Content URL:

Enclosure URL:

Please note that it is not possible to use the email designer to resize your feed images. If you wish to display images at certain dimensions, the feed itself will need to be updated to reflect those dimensions.

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