How does link tracking work?

Link tracking shows you which links are being clicked in your campaigns, the number of times those links are clicked, and which contacts clicked them. This information can be used to measure both campaign effectiveness and subscriber engagement. In addition, link click information will be available in the floating segment builder. You can use this data to create "If/Else" conditions in your automation, add conditional content to your campaigns, create goal conditions, set up "Split Test" automations, update a deal score or lead score, send targeted campaigns by creating a list segment, and more.

Link tracking is automatically enabled in all campaigns and automation emails that include URLs, and can be manually disabled on the Campaign Summary page, under “Options.”


How link tracking works

When a contact clicks on a link in a campaign, we redirect them to one of our link tracking domains then send them to the intended URL. When the contact is redirected to one of our link tracking domains, it is logged in our system as a link click. If link tracking is disabled, contacts will go directly to the intended URL and the link click will not be tracked.

It is important to note that we can only track URLs that begin with http:// or https://. We cannot track a link click that uses an email address or a personalization tag (eg, %FIRSTNAME%) in place of of a URL.

Link tracking and CNAMEs

If you are using a CNAME and have link tracking enabled, we’ll still redirect contacts to one of our link tracking domains in order to track that link click action. However, these domains will be masked with your CNAME.

Viewing link click data

Link click data can be viewed on the reports page for each campaign and automation email you send. The reporting data includes:


Number of unique contacts that clicked on any link in a campaign. This metric includes only one click per contact.

Total link clicks

Total number of times each link was clicked. This metric includes duplicate link clicks for each contact.

Unique link clicks

Total unique clicks per link. This metric will not count duplicate link clicks per contact.

Did Not Click Any Links

Number of contacts that did not click on any link.

Avg. Recipients Per Link Click

Percentage shows the average link clicks per contact. It is calculated from the total number of link clicks divided by the number of contacts that clicked at least one link.

In addition, we will also show you how each individual link performed:


Each tracked link will be listed along with the number of unique clicks and total clicks. If you click on the link in the report, you’ll see which contact(s) clicked that link.

Link tracking and plain text emails

While it’s possible to track links in plain text emails, it’s not possible to embed your URL into text. In addition, not all email clients or devices may hyperlink your URL when the email is received by your contact. This can result in your contact copying and pasting your URL into a browser, which will not be tracked as a link click.

If you want the look and feel of a plain text email, but want to embed links into text and track opens, create an email using the “Build from Scratch” > “Newsletter” template option and delete all image blocks.


If a contact has images disabled, will their link click be tracked?

Yes, we will still track that link click. In addition, that link click will also be counted as a campaign open.

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