Enable the "Subscribe by SMS" feature

The Subscribe by SMS feature allows you to subscribe your contacts by having them send an SMS message to a phone number. With this feature, you can create a keyword that contacts would text, initiating the subscription process.

To get started:

  1. Go to the Lists Overview page and click the dropdown for the list you wish to enable this feature for.


  2. Select “Subscribe by SMS” from the dropdown.


  3. In the phone number dropdown, select the phone number you wish to use. These numbers are listed by Country.


  4. Enter your Keyword in the Keyword field and click the “Activate” button.


  5. Next, you can choose either the default text we provide for your first response, subscribe confirmation, and email address problem messages, or you can type your own into the appropriate fields:


  6. Click the “Save Settings” button:


The subscribe by SMS option will not use any SMS credits.

This feature is available for accounts on the Plus, Professional, and Enterprise levels. Accounts on the Lite plan do not include the SMS feature.

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