How to create custom email headers and footers

Custom headers and footers are non-removable pieces of content that once created, will be applied to every outgoing campaign and automation email. These are mainly used for branding purposes and are visible to your contacts.

If creating a custom footer, it is important to note that it will appear in addition to either:

  • The default footer we provide on all campaigns and automation emails or,
  • Your own footer (if using) that includes an unsubscribe link and physical mailing address (it’s important to note that the unsubscribe link and physical mailing address do not need to be in a footer, they just need to appear somewhere in your campaign)

This custom header/footer cannot be removed from any email unless it is deleted from the Settings page by an account admin.

To create a custom header/footer:

  1. Click your avatar and select “My Settings.”


  2. Click “Appearance” from the left-side menu.
  3. Select either HTML Header or Text header from the dropdown by clicking it:


  4. Enter the header/footer information into the appropriate box:

  5. Click the “Save Settings” button at the bottom of the page.

All campaigns and automation emails from that moment on will include your custom header/footer and will only be visible in test sends and actual sends. It will not appear in the campaign designer when creating or editing an email.

Note: This is for Enterprise accounts only.

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