How do I change the default footer in my emails?

Available on all ActiveCampaign plans.

All outgoing emails must include your physical mailing address and an obvious way to unsubscribe. At ActiveCampaign, we automatically provide these items for you in a default footer. This footer appears in your campaigns, automation emails, and email templates.

You can replace this default footer with your own so that it matches the aesthetics and brand of your business.

Take note

This default footer process is per campaign. This means that you need to change the footer every time you make a campaign or automation email. This is not a permanent setting.

You can create a content block with your customized footer and save it to your content library to reuse later. This will make the process easier. However, you still need to add the content block to each email. 

To learn about creating reusable content, visit How to save and reuse email content.

How it works

To replace the default footer with your own, you will need to add two personalization tags to your campaign:

These two tags can appear anywhere in your campaign, but they are most commonly placed in the footer.

Note that typing the physical mailing address or "Unsubscribe" in your email will not work. You must insert your mailing address and unsubscribe link into your email using a personalization tag. 

Once these two tags are added to your email, the default footer will be removed from your email.

How to replace the default footer in your email

  1. Locate the campaign, automation email, or email template you want to edit.
  2. Click Edit to open the campaign designer. 
  3. Drag a new text block to your layout. 
  4. Click the new text block. A modal toolbar will appear. 
  5. Click the "Personalize" button. A modal window will appear. 
  6. Click the "Message" category on the left, then click the "Unsubscribe Link" option.
  7. Another modal window will appear. Type the text that should contain the unsubscribe link, then click the "OK" button.
  8. To insert your physical mailing address, follow steps 4-6 above. Then click either "List Sender Info (multiple lines)" or "List Sender Info (single line)." The personalization tag for sender info will appear in the text block: %SENDER-INFO%
  9. Click out of the content block. The footer you created will replace the default footer. 

Your physical mailing address will replace the "Sender Info" personalization tag when you send the email to contacts. 

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