How do I edit a custom contact field?

To edit a custom contact field:

  1. Click "Forms" or "Lists" in the left-side menu.
  2. Click "Manage Fields."
  3. Click the "Contacts" tab.
  4. Click "Edit" for the field you wish to modify.
  5. A “Customize your field options” modal will appear. Here you will be able to make the following modifications:
    • Rename the field.
    • Edit the personalization tag for the field.
    • Apply a default value to a field.
    • Add/Remove additional answer options (if applicable).
    • Rearrange answer options.
    • Uncheck the "Visible on forms" option. This means that you will not be able to use that specific field on any forms you create.
    • Make the field available to specific lists. By default, all fields are available to all lists. If you do not want a field to be used with a list, click "Advanced Options” then unselect the list assignment for the field. Only contacts in the checked list(s) will have that field on their contact profile page. This is also helpful if you only want to display specific fields in your notifications.
  1. When finished, click "Save."

It's not possible to convert one field type into another, however, you can insert the value of one custom field into another by following these instructions.

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