How do I edit a custom field?

Custom fields can be viewed and edited on the Manage Fields page in your account. On this page, you can:

To get started with editing a custom field, go to the Forms overview page in your account and click “Manage Fields.”


Here is an example of the Manage Fields page:


System fields include first name, last name, email, and phone. These fields cannot be deleted or edited, however, you can add a default value to the first and last name fields. All other fields on this page are custom fields and are created by either an account user or 3rd party integration.

To edit a custom field, click “Edit” next to the field you wish to edit.


A “Customize your field options” modal will appear.


Here you can re-name your field, edit the personalization tag, and apply a default value to a field.

The “Visible on forms” checkbox allows you to choose whether or not a field can be used on your forms. We default to leaving it checked. If you do not want the option to add a particular field to a form, simply uncheck the “Visible on forms” box. Fields marked as not visible on forms can only be populated directly on the contact record by the account admin or user with appropriate privileges. Click here to learn more about creating a form.

The “Advanced Options” section allows you to make your field available to certain list(s). By default, all fields are available to all lists. If you do not want a field to be available to a particular list, click "Advanced Options” then unselect the list assignment for your field. Then, only contacts in the checked list(s) will have that field on their contact profile page. Contacts who are not in the checked list will not have the field listed on their profile page. This is also helpful if you only want to display specific fields in your notifications.

It is not possible to convert one field type into another, however, you can insert the value of one custom field into another by following these instructions.

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