How to use tags in your ActiveCampaign account

Tags are a versatile feature and can be used in many different ways— from creating segments of contacts to creating conditional content in your emails. Listed below are a few ways to get you started.

  • Create segments
    Tags can be used to segment contacts and create advanced searches.
  • Trigger automations
    You can trigger automations to run when a contact is added or removed from contacts.
  • Use tags as conditions in automation actions
    For example, you can use a tag as a condition in a wait step, and If/else statement, or a goal condition.
  • Adjust a Lead or Deal score (Plus, Professional, and Enterprise plans)
    You can increase or decrease a Lead or Deal Score when a tag is added or removed from a contact.
  • Create conditional content (Plus, Professional, and Enterprise plans)
    You can choose to show or hide content blocks in your emails based on contacts tags.

More information on using tags in ActiveCampaign

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