How do I edit a contact?

You can update a contact’s name, email address, organization, custom field information, list subscription status and more right from their contact profile page.

In this article:

1. From the Contact's Overview page, locate the contact you wish to edit.

2. Click the contact's avatar, name, or email address to open their profile page.

3. The profile page for the selected contact will load. You will be able to add/edit the following items by clicking them:

Add/update the contact's name

Click the name field to the right of the avatar placeholder. Enter the contact’s name into the name field that appears and click “Save.”

If the contact does not have a name in the name field, their email address will be displayed here (as shown below):

Add/update the Account

Click the "Add an Account" option that appears under the contact's name. A dropdown will appear. Click the dropdown and click the Account you wish to apply to the contact.

You can also add a new account by clicking the "Add an Account" button.

Update custom fields

To add or update the value for any custom field, click the field you wish to update.

Next, type or select the new value, and click "Save."

Add or remove tags

To add a tag to a contact, locate the Tags section on the Contact's profile page. Then, click the "Enter tags..." box and type the tag you wish to add. Press either the enter, tab, or comma keys on your keyboard to save it:

To remove a tag, click the "x" by the tag you wish to remove from the contact's profile page.

Update a list subscription

You can add a contact to a new list, or update their subscription status.

To add a contact to a new list click the "Add" button:

Then select the list you wish to add them to and click "OK."

You can also update a contact's status for a list to Unsubscribed or to Active. We don't recommend updating a contact's status to Active unless they've given you explicit permission to do so, otherwise you may receive a spam complaint from them.

To update a contact's status for a list, click the list name:

Click the "Status" dropdown and select a status:

The contact's status will be updated immediately.

Add or end an automation

To add a contact to an automation, locate the Automations section on the Contact's profile page. Then click the "Add" button.

A modal will appear. Select the automation(s) you wish to add the contact to, then click "OK."

The contact will be added to the selected automation(s) immediately. Note that this action cannot be cancelled or undone.

To manually end an automation for the contact, click the automation you wish to end:

Then click the "End" button.

The automation will end for the contact and they will be given a "Completed" status.

Add/edit a task

Available for Plus, Professional, and Enterprise plans.

Tasks are to-do items for a contact that can be assigned to another account user.

To create a task, scroll to the bottom of the contact's profile page. Then, click the "Add Contact Task" tab.

The Task Bar will expand. Here you can:

  1. Type the title of the task into the space provided.
  2. Select the task type by clicking the task type dropdown.
  3. Set a date and time for the task.
  4. Select a duration for the task.
  5. Assign the task by clicking the person icon.
  6. Schedule an alert for the task by clicking the bell icon.
  7. Automate the task by clicking the automate icon located on the bottom right of the window. You can choose to either add the contact once the task is saved, or when the task is marked as completed.

Once you finished configuring the task, click the "Add" button to save it.

To edit a task, click the task in the Task Bar. The task will expand in the right side menu.

Here you can:

  1. Assign the task to a different user
  2. Update the task title
  3. Update the task status (complete or incomplete)
  4. Update the task relation
  5. Change the contact that the task is associated with
  6. Change the task type
  7. Add or edit the task description
  8. Update the date and time for the task
  9. Update the duration for the task
  10. Add or edit the alert for the task.

Create a note

To add a note to a contact, click the "Add Note" tab located in the task bar.

The Add Contact Note window will expand. Type the note into the space provided and click "Add."

Note that you can also add the contact to any active automation by clicking the "automate" icon located on the lower right of the Add Contact Note window.

When finished, click "Add" to save the note. If you are automating the note, the contact will be added to the selected automation right away.

Send a one-to-one email

To send a one-to-one email to the contact, click the "Send Email" tab located in the task bar.

Type the subject line and email content. When ready, click "Send."

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