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February 1, 2024 • Domain


In February 2024, Google and Yahoo rolled out new email authentication requirements. At a minimum, Google and Yahoo are mandating the following compliance measures:

  • Set up DKIM and DMARC for all sending domains.
  • Purchase domains through a preferred DNS provider if you currently send from an address.

These changes apply to all senders, with a more pronounced impact on deliverability for bulk senders. To ensure you maintain compliance with these email deliverability standards we’ve introduced the ability to purchase and authenticate your domains in the platform in a matter of minutes. Additionally, we’ve made custom mail server domains available on all plan tiers, free of charge. 


Key Features

  • Set up DKIM and DMARC authentication for all sending domains

    Head to Advanced Settings to authenticate your existing domain. Note, permission is only available to account administrators.

  • Purchase a new domain in minutes 

    Don’t have a domain? Head over to Advanced Settings to purchase one through a direct integration with Ionos, a preferred DNS provider. Once you go through the check out process, your domain will be fully authenticated.


  • Custom mail server domains available on all plan tiers

    Setting up custom mail server domains happens automatically during the authentication process in Advanced Settings.



  • Gain control of your email infrastructure

    You can now effortlessly purchase and authenticate all your domains directly within the platform in minutes. Gain control of your email infrastructure with custom mail server domains for branding, credibility, and consistency.

  • Enhanced deliverability

    Authentication provides a robust shield against potential phishing attacks and ensures that your emails land securely in your recipients' inboxes.

  • Build trust and credibility

    Authentication signals to email service providers and recipients that your emails are legitimate, fostering trust and enhancing your brand's credibility.

  • Optimize sender reputation

    By authenticating your email domains, you actively contribute to building and maintaining a positive sender reputation, a critical factor influencing deliverability rates.


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