How to attach files to a 1:1 email

With ActiveCampaign, you can attach files to your 1:1 emails with a downloadable link on Contact, Account, and Deal records.

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How it works

To start attaching files to 1:1 emails, you must connect your email account to ActiveCampaign in Deals > Connected Emails.

Once connected, you can attach files on 1:1 emails from the connected email account from a Contact, Account, or Deal record. You can use files that are already saved on the record or upload new files. Learn how to attach files to a Contact, Account, or Deal record.

Once attached, files will be included in the 1:1 email as downloadable files, not attachments. The file will start downloading after the contact clicks the link in the email.

After you send the email, you can trigger automations when the file links are downloaded using the “File is downloaded” trigger.

How to include a file attachment

  1. Go to the Contact, Account, or Deal record you want to send a 1:1 email from.
  2. At the top right, click the quick action dropdown, then click “Send an email.”
  3. While composing your email, type in the text you would like to hyperlink the file to. For example, below, we typed “click here” to attach the file during the next steps.

    Example of text in 1-1 email using

  4. Highlight the text you want to hyperlink the file to.

    Example of highlighting the

      If you do not highlight the text before clicking th "insert a link" icon, the file name will appear as your hyperlink. However, you can manualy edit the 'link text' as in the body of the email.

  5. Click the “Insert a link to a file” or paperclip icon towards the bottom of the email.

    Paperclip icon or

  6. The “Insert a link to a file” modal will pop up. To Insert a file that is previously saved on the record:
    • Select the record on the left
    • Select the file(s)
    • Click “Insert file(s)”
  7. To upload and insert a new file from your computer:
    • Click “My Computer” on the left
    • Click into the “Click to add or drop files” box
    • Choose the file from your computer. The file will appear in the “Insert a link to a file modal.”
    • The “Save uploaded file to…” option allows you to save the file to the record as you upload it. Click to check the box to save or click to uncheck the box if you do not want to save. If you do not save the file to ActiveCampaign, it will only exist in the link in the email record
    • Click “Insert file(s)”
  8. The highlighted text is now a hyperlink with the downloadable file.


    Note that once the contact clicks the link, the file will automatically download onto their computer.
  9. Once you are done composing your 1:1 email, click “Send.”
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