Attach Files on Direct 1:1 Emails

June 11, 2024 • CRM

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You can now attach files on direct 1:1 emails sent through connected email accounts across contact, account, and deal records.  Whether it's proposals, presentations, or important documents, you can now seamlessly share files while engaging with your prospects and customers. 



  • Share supplementary information, documents, or resources related to the email's topic, enriching the communication and providing additional context.
  • Eliminate the need for separate file sharing platforms or links, streamlining the communication process for both the sender and recipient.
  • Files such as presentations, images, or diagrams can serve as visual aids to better illustrate points or ideas discussed in the email, enhancing understanding and engagement.


Use Cases

  • Share contacts, proposals, and presentations
  • Link out to relevant visual aids such as images and diagrams


Setup Instructions

  • ActiveCampaign for Sales - Plus, Professional, and Enterprise
  • ActiveCampaign Marketing & Sales Bundle - Plus, Professional, and Enterprise
  • 2024 ActiveCampaign plans - Pipelines add-on and Pipelines & Sales Engagement add-on
  • Must have a connected email established to access the feature


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