Understanding pipelines, stages, deals, and tasks

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Every business & sales process is unique. Learn how to setup a custom sales process that fits the needs of your business.


A pipeline is a defined set of stages for a sales process. You can create any number of pipelines. You may have one sales process for selling ads, one for selling a subscription service, or one for following up with existing customers to try to upsell them.

To learn how to create and edit a pipeline, click here.


Stages represent the steps included in your pipeline (or sales process). In the Deals CRM, they are presented in columns and move from left to right. Any deal you create should start in the left column and can be dragged to other columns as it progresses. There is no limit to the number of stages that you can have in your pipeline.

To learn how to create and edit a stage, click here.


A deal in a pipeline contains information pertaining to a potential sale or opportunity—it is where you develop your sales process and get your leads to take action. With your deal, you can have a primary contact and secondary contacts.

To learn how to create a deal for your pipeline, click here.  


A task is a to-do item for your deal. This can include lunch, a call, an email, or a meeting.

To learn how to create a task for your deal, click here

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