Setting up your first campaign in ActiveCampaign if you come from InfusionSoft



Migrating from Infusionsoft? There are a couple of things you will have to do & know to help you get started. Along with the other help article where we list some of the main differences between both email marketing tools, the points listed below will help you to set your first campaign or automation in ActiveCampaign.

Step by step on how to migrate contacts from InfusionSoft

Follow the steps we have indicated in this guide

Step by step on how setup a ‘broadcast’ in ActiveCampaign

As best practice, if you have contacts that are still in an InfusionSoft’s broadcast, a good idea can be to wait until they have completed the whole sequence in that broadcast. Once that happens, you would export them into ActiveCampaign.

If you import them while they are in the middle of a ‘broadcast’ you would have to create an automation that starts in the step where they left the broadcast in InfusionSoft. Notice you won’t be able to add a contact into a specific step of an automation.

Step by step on how to setup an auto-responder in ActiveCampaign

If you had ‘broadcast’ setup as an auto-responder in InfusionSoft to send automatically an email to every new contact that is subscribed into one of your lists, there are 2 ways you can do it in ActiveCampaign:

  1. Autoresponder campaign: Setup a campaign and select Autoresponder in the first screen when setting up it. Once you complete the rest of the steps in that process, your auto-responder will be automatically triggered every time someone is added into a specific list.
  2. Automation with an email: Another way of triggering an email automatically after someone subscribes to your list is by creating an automation an including an email in the first step. Choose this option rather than the auto-responder if you plan to trigger a series of other emails or actions after that email.

Step by step on how to integrate ActiveCampaign with 3rd party tools & services

In the same way as you have in InfusionSoft the sell-online storefront feature where you can sell your goods, you can manage all your ecommerce performance from ActiveCampaign.

You can integrate your account with third party services and tools like PayPal, WooCommerce, Stripe and other 240 apps through the ‘Apps’ section.

You can think in Zapier + ActiveCampaign in a similar way as the integrations that you have been using through the InfusionSoft Marketplace. You want to automate something when you receive a new sale in WooCommerce? You want to get a notification every time there is a successful sale in PayPal? You can do all of that through ActiveCampaign and the integrations available through Zapier.

Once you set the integration with a third party tool, you will be able to apply a tag to the contact that went through that process or include him in one of your lists directly.

How to setup your CRM in ActiveCampaign

If you have been using the built-in CRM provided by InfusionSoft, these are the steps you will have to follow to get your CRM up and running in ActiveCampaign.

In ActiveCampaign, all new entries that you might have in your CRM need to be associated to an email address. No matter if you want to use only the CRM, you will be required to enter an email too. The reason why ActiveCampaign works like this is because we provide many features on top of the CRM like email marketing and marketing automations, and an email address is the identifier for each one of the contacts.

You won’t be able to import contacts in ActiveCampaign directly as if they were Deals. ‘Deals’ or ‘Deal’ is the term which we use to name each one of the entries you can have in the CRM. Nonetheless you can tag these new contacts with a specific tag and create an automation that creates a ‘Deal’ when that tag is added into a Contact.

To access the Deal created for each of your contacts, just click in Deals (top navigation bar) and look for your contact, or enter his email in the top right search box (also present in the top navigation bar). From each Contact profile page, you will be able to see all the information related with Deals under the ‘Deals’ tab. 

In case you want to setup your own email to receive incoming email or send emails from ActiveCampaign as if you were doing that from your inbox, you will have to setup that first. Go to the top right menu > My settings > Deals > Add IMAP Account.

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