Classic Designer: How to use Conditional Content

Available on Plus, Professional, and Enterprise plans.

Conditional Content with the Classic Designer helps you send different content to different contacts using a single campaign. For instance, you could:

  • Display a different product image depending on a contact's interest
  • Insert a different offer depending on what stage of the customer lifecycle your contact is in
  • Send a different informative article based on what problem a contact is trying to solve with your product

This type of personalization is a way to increase the relevance of your messages for each individual contact. This type of personalization will improve your relationship with your contacts, increase your open rates, improve your conversion rate, and may improve deliverability.

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Take note

  • Conditional content is available with the Classic Designer only
  • You can use the following to create conditional content:
    • Contact fields and tags
    • Deal fields
    • Account fields
    • Ecommerce fields
    • Events you created under Event Tracking
    • Contact's Geolocation, IP address, ID number, date and time the contact subscribed, and list subscription 

Using Conditional Content with the email designer

  1. In the Design step of the campaign creation process, hover over the content block you wish to make conditional. Click the Gear icon that appears to the right of the block.
  2. Click the “Make Conditional” option.
  3. A modal window will appear displaying the floating segment builder. Use the builder to select the contact data to be used to display the selected content block. For instance, if you sell interior paints, you could specify that if the contact's favorite paint color is "Yellow" then display an image showing your latest collection of yellow paints.

    In this example, you might also add another image to the campaign directly below the other that displays an image showing a collection of blue paints if a contact's paint preference is "Blue."

When the campaign is sent, the images will hide or display based on whether the contact prefers yellow or blue paint colors.

Using Conditional Content with HTML or Text only email campaigns

You can use Conditional Content in HTML or Text-Only emails by inserting code. Conditional Content uses “If/Then” logic.

In the upper left-hand side of the campaign creation screen, you’ll see “Insert.” Click “Insert” to display a menu. Click “Conditional Content.”

A modal window will display that allows you to configure the logic of your conditional content.

In this example, I’ll display a different product name based on what the contact is tagged as interested in:

After you’ve defined the conditions you want to use, click “Okay.” This will automatically insert the conditional content logic into your campaign where your cursor is placed. Your code might look something like this:

Now you would modify this code where it says “Insert Content Here” to define what will display if they match your conditions and “Insert Alternative Content Here” to define what will display if they do not match any of the conditions you’ve set. After it is modified, it might look something like this:

If you are sending an HTML email, you can insert any HTML or CSS code including images, links, etc. Note that if you are sending a Text Only campaign, you can only insert text.

Previewing Conditional Content

To preview an email campaign personalized with conditional content:

1. Go to the Campaign Summary step of the campaign creation process.

2. Click Desktop Preview.

3. In the upper right-hand corner of the Desktop Preview, there is an email field. Insert the email address of one of your contacts and click “Preview” to see how the campaign will appear for that contact when it is sent.

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