How to save a contact search



With ActiveCampaign, you can save an Advanced Search you often use on the Contacts Overview page.

Save a search

  1. Click Contacts in the left menu to navigate to the Contacts overview.
  2. Click the search field, then click "Advanced Search."

  3. Click the "Select a condition..." dropdown, click the category, then click the specific condition you wish to search contacts by.


  4. Click the middle dropdown, then select the operator. Different operator options are available based on the condition selected.


  5. Click into the third dropdown, or value field, and click a value to select it. If you have several values to scroll through, you can start typing the value into the field and click it to select it.


  6. Click the "Search" button.


  7. Once you click "Search," the segment builder will hide. To open it back up,
    click into the search field again.


  8. Click "Save As Search."

  9. A modal window will appear. Type the name of the search into the field provided and click "Save."


  As you create more and more saved searches, it's best to make the search name as descriptive as possible.

Retrieve a saved search

  1. From the Contacts overview page, start by closing any current searches by clicking "Clear search" next to the "Search contacts" field. If the "Clear search button does not appear, you do not have any current searches and can move on to the next step.


  2. Click into the search field and click "Saved Searches."

  3. A modal window will appear and list all saved searches. Clicking on the name of a saved search will display the matching contacts.

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