Batch Actions

Batch Actions help you make critical maintenance tasks happen with ease.

In Batch Actions you can, by list:

  • Remove a select list of addresses
  • Remove all non-confirmed contacts
  • Remove all unsubscribed contacts
  • Remove all bounced contacts
  • Remove all contacts
  • Remove all contacts from exclusion list (from all lists)

To navigate to Batch Actions click on your Contacts tab.

Next, click the drop-down menu that is next to the “Manage Scoring” button and select Batch Actions.

At the top of the page you will see your different lists. You will be able to select one, many, or all of your lists.

There are six batch actions that you can implement on this page. The first five are list specific, whereas the last one will remove all your contacts, regardless of what list they're subscribed to, from your account's exclusion list.

Remove a select list of addresses

The first Batch Action you can take is removing a select list of email addresses from a list. You can simply copy and paste these addresses, but make sure each address is on its own line.

A stream of email addresses will not complete the batch action, nor a list with commas.

Click the button below your list to complete your action. You'll be given a warning, and asked to confirm.
 Remove all non-confirmed contacts

The second Batch Action you can take is to clean your list of non-confirmed contacts. This is a very valuable step to take towards maintaining a highly engaged list. To learn more about the pros and cons of single versus double opt-in confirmation, read up on it here.

Non-confirmed contacts cannot be sent to, so while they do not count against your Contact limit, they are a valuable asset that is not able to be utilized.

You can select a date from which you would like to remove non-confirmed contacts, so that once you feel that your contacts are past a point where they will most likely not interact with your list's confirmation email, you can delete their non-confirmed entry.

By clearing your lists of non-confirmed contacts, you are able to have them re-opt-in, and therefore receive & engage with your email campaigns.

Remove all unsubscribed contacts

The third Batch Action available is to remove all unsubscribed contacts from your respective lists. Once a contact unsubscribes from your list, it is not deleted, but available for analysis, and does not count against your contact limit.

Just as you can choose a date to remove non-confirmed contacts, you can do the same with those who have unsubscribed from your lists.

Remove all bounced contacts

We indicate a contact as bounced when they receive three soft bounces or one hard bounce.

You can remove these bounced contacts in a similar manner to other batch actions. Select a date, and all contacts that have bounced before your chosen date will be deleted.

Remove all contacts

This option allows you to remove all contacts subscribed to a list regardless of their status. This action will clear a list and remove all contact records associated with it.

Please be very cautious when utilizing this feature as it is non-reversible. 

Remove all emails from exclusion list

Your exclusion list are email addresses that will not to receive your communications regardless of what list they are subscribed to.
Unlike the other Batch Actions, this applies to all lists in your account.

NOTE: All actions on this page are non-reversible 


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