Using Event Tracking to trigger automations


Event tracking allows you to collect and utilize specific events that a contact makes. These events are specific actions from your site or any application or script that can include signups, orders, upgrades, downgrades, cancelations, billing errors, and more. This article will cover how you can use this powerful data to trigger sales and marketing automations. For a general overview on Event Tracking, read this article.

Let's say you want to create a sales automation for contacts who signed up for a service with your company, or target contacts with a series of marketing emails after they decide to downgrade their account. With event tracking, you can log those events and then use them to trigger an automation.

To create a trigger that uses an Event, click on “Add Start Trigger” for your automation and select “Event is recorded.”


In the modal window, choose the event you want to use to start your automation, and select if it should run once or multiple times. When finished, click “Add Start.”

You can also create a segment in your trigger that will only allow contacts to enter your automation if they meet both the trigger and event conditions. For instance, let's say your automation starts with subscribes to list but you only want contacts to enter this automation if they have signed up for a service once. To accomplish this, you would add your “Subscribes to List” trigger and click on “Segment the contacts entering this automation” box under “Advanced Options.” Select your event condition and the number of times this event is to take place before they can enter your automation. Then click on “Add Start.”

In addition, you can segment contacts in your trigger based on the event value you pass through the event API. For instance, if the event happened or did not happen:

It is important to note that when using the segment option in the trigger, contacts must fulfill the Event requirement first before subscribing to your list in order for them to enter your automation.

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