How do I create a webinar reminder automation?

While there are a few different approaches to creating an automation that sends webinar reminders, one you can try is the “Webinar Reminder Series” automation recipe. This automation is free and is located in the "Create a New Automation" recipe modal. 

This automation uses a subscribes to list trigger and sends reminder emails 30 days, 14 days, 7 days, and 1 day before the webinar date, you can easily modify the trigger as well as the timing of the reminders to what works best for you.

In addition, this automation will require you to have a custom date field that is populated with the webinar date. You will also need to create emails for each send email action in this workflow.

This article will cover:
How to set up the webinar reminder automation
How to add emails to the webinar reminder automation
How to edit the timing of reminder emails

How to set up the webinar reminder automation
To get started with this recipe:

  1. Click “Automations” from the top menu to navigate to the Automations overview page.
  2. Click the “New Automation” button.
  3. Scroll down to locate the “Webinar Reminder Series” recipe and click it to select it.


  4. Click the “Continue” button.


  5. The Automation Setup Wizard modal will appear. Click “Get started” to complete the setup of your automation.


  6. You will walk through four steps to complete the setup of 4 separate goal actions (read more about goal actions here). Each of these actions use your custom webinar date field in order to schedule your reminders. To select that field, click the first dropdown, then select your custom webinar date field:


  7. Click the “Next” button.


  8. Complete steps 6-7 above three more times to setup the rest of the goal actions.

Once you have completed setting up the goal actions in your automation, you will be redirected back to the Automations overview page.

How to add reminder emails to your automation
While this recipe uses four send email actions, these actions will not be populated with emails. These will need to be added manually. Follow the steps below to learn how to add an email to a send email action:

  1. Locate the automation on the Automations overview page
  2. Click “Edit.”


  3. Hover your mouse over that send email action
  4. Click the “Edit Email” icon:


  5. You will be redirected to the templates page. Click on any template to select it, or, click “Past Campaigns” to base this email off of a past campaign.
  6. Follow the rest of the steps to set up your automation email.

Follow steps 3-5 above for each send email action in your automation.

How to edit the timing of automation emails
The timing of each send email action is dependent on both the goal condition and conditional wait step that sits above it. If the schedule set in both the goal and conditional wait does not best fit your needs, you can modify them.

To change the number of days a specific reminder will send prior to your webinar:

  1. Click the goal action that appears above both the conditional wait and send email action:


  2. Type a different number into the number field:


This date-based condition uses a Plus and Minus option. “Plus” translates to “X amount of days BEFORE the date stored in your custom date field” while “minus” means “X amount of days AFTER the date stored in your custom date field.” The number in this specific example will be how many days a contact will wait in this goal action before proceeding to the conditional wait (wait until 9 am). At 9 am, they will proceed to your send email action.

To read more about the plus/minus date-based wait conditions featured in these goal actions, click here.

You will need to follow each step listed in above in this section to modify how many days prior to your event a reminder email will send.

To change the time of day that you wish a specific email to send:

  1. Click the conditional wait:


  2. Click the condition listed under “Wait until.”


  3. Click the third dropdown in the conditions editor to select a different time:


  4. Click the “Save” button.

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