How are UTM parameters used in campaigns?

A UTM parameter is a customizable tag that is added to a destination URL and allows Google Analytics to track website visits from campaigns and other channels of communication. How it works is if a destination link with a UTM parameter is clicked, that UTM parameter is sent to Google Analytics and is logged as a traffic source. This is helpful for measuring the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts: you can identify which calls to actions in your emails work best and measure conversions from your email marketing campaigns.

Our integration with Google Analytics automatically adds UTM parameters to links referenced in your campaigns and automation emails and is enabled on a per campaign/automation email basis. For more information on our Google Analytics integration, click here.

Our Attribution feature (available for plans on the Professional and Enterprise levels) also uses UTM parameters to explore what traffic sources helped your contacts achieve a conversion. To read more about how UTM parameters are used in Attribution, click here.

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