What are integrations?



Integrations allow you to bring in data or information from one application platform into another, creating a more robust and powerful experience with your software. This can help you streamline your processes, import and sync contact information, create automated follow-ups, and more.

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How Integrations work

When using integrations with ActiveCampaign, you can send information into and out of your account, depending on your needs and tools at your disposal. For example, you can use our native Shopify deep data integration to sync contacts and purchase information into your ActiveCampaign account, and you can use Zapier to send contact information into project management tools like Trello, Monday.com, or Asana. The flexibility of integrations provides several elegant solutions and the possibilities are endless.

There are four main types of integrations:

  • Native integrations that we’ve created. This includes our deep data integrations.
  • Our auto-import tool allows you to sync contacts from a 3rd party application into a list in ActiveCampaign. This tool, along with a list of services we connect to, is located on your import page.
  • 3rd party tools, such as Zapier, that pushes data from one application into another. To use this option, you’ll need to use your ActiveCampaign API information.
  • Integrations created by 3rd party applications. This means that we did not create this integration ourselves. To use this option, you’ll need to use your ActiveCampaign API information.

For more information on our Deep Data integrations, read this guide and check out this series of help articles to learn how to set them up.

To read more about our auto-import tool, see this help article.

For information about accessing your API information, click here. You’ll need this if you’re using a 3rd party integration or Zapier.

To view a list of Apps and Integrations, click here. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and it’s updated on an ongoing basis.

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