Salesforce integrations

Using Salesforce with ActiveCampaign allows you to manage your leads and opportunities in Salesforce and use marketing automation in ActiveCampaign to provide those leads with a personalized customer journey. 

While we don’t have a direct integration with SalesForce, there are other 3rd party options you can use to sync your Salesforce account with ActiveCampaign, no coding required.

For more information on how to use ActiveCampaign with Salesforce, read this guide


Zapier is an online tool that is used to connect two or more apps to automate workflows through Zaps. This is a premium integration which means you will need a paid account with Zapier in order to sync your Salesforce account with ActiveCampaign. In addition, this solution provides a one-way sync per Zap, however, you can create multiple Zaps in your Zapier account. The set up is easy and only takes a few moments to do.

With this integration, you can connect your Salesforce account to ActiveCampaign to:

  • Add new Salesforce leads to ActiveCampaign or update contacts
  • Add new ActiveCampaign contacts to Salesforce as leads
  • Add Salesforce contacts to ActiveCampaign as subscribers
  • And more

For a full list of options and to set up the sync, see this Salesforce + ActiveCampaign integrations page by Zapier. 


PieSync is another online tool you can use to connect your Salesforce account with ActiveCampaign. This integration offers two-way syncs, making it easy to keep your contacts continuously consistent between Salesforce and ActiveCampaign. They offer a free 14-day trial and their pricing starts at $9/month.

With this integration, contacts will be added or updated in ActiveCampaign every time a contact is added or updated in Salesforce, and vice versa. 

For more information on this integration, see this Salesforce and ActiveCampaign integrations page by PieSync. is an online tool that lets you connect ActiveCampaign with Salesforce. In addition, you can create multi-app workflows. You can use any of their pre-built recipes or use their simple drag-drop option to create your own custom integration. They offer a free plan, as well as free trials of their paid plans. Click here for more information. 

You can use this option to:

  • Add/update a lead or contact in Salesforce when a new contact is created in ActiveCampaign
  • Add/update a contact in ActiveCampaign when a new lead or contact is created in Salesforce
  • Add a deal in ActiveCampaign when a new opportunity is created in Salesforce
  • And more

To start using to sync your Salesforce account with ActiveCampaign, click here

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