Agency Account Snapshot Tool Overview

Sandbox accounts and the Account Snapshot tool are for ActiveCampaign Agencies only.

The Account Snapshot Tool lets you create a time-stamped copy of a sandbox account. Once a snapshot is created, it can be stored for later reference and used to quickly create new accounts for clients. A new account created from a snapshot will carry over critical data pieces that will be replicated in the new account. This tool saves you time and potential errors from manually creating new accounts from scratch.

Example of how the Account Snapshot tool works

Let's say your agency works with fitness-related accounts. With Account Snapshot, you can have a sandbox account containing any automations, campaigns, templates, forms, pipelines, etc. that your fitness clients can use to market to their customers. You can then create a snapshot of this sandbox and select that snapshot when creating a new account for one of your clients. The new account created will copy over data from the snapshot.

How to create a sandbox account

A sandbox account can be thought of as a template, or starting point, for new client accounts. This account can be configured to include any of the following properties and more:

  • Campaigns
  • Templates
  • Automations
  • Forms
  • Custom fields*
  • Tags
  • Segment conditions**
  • Scoring rules
  • Pipelines

*Sandbox accounts under Agencies can only access the custom fields by submitting a request to our Customer Experience Team.

**Some segment conditions will not be copied with the Account Snapshots tool. If they are copied into a sandbox account, a red error stating, “Segment Error: Unable to retrieve segment data,” will appear. These segments will need to be manually corrected or recreated. The segment conditions that will not copy into a sandbox account at this time include:

  • Custom Objects
  • Deal Tasks
  • Any email conditions (e.g. has been sent, has opened, has clicked link, etc.)

At this time, the Account Snapshots tool does not copy over images. This includes images from templates, campaigns, and automation emails. Images will need to be manually added to templates, campaigns, and automation emails for each account you create from a snapshot.

While sandbox accounts are limited to 100 contacts and 100 email sends, they should not be used to create and store contact data, send campaigns, collect subscribers, move contacts through automated workflows, or manage deals in a pipeline(s). This is because snapshots will capture the majority of the data from the sandbox account at that specific point in time—including all contact, deal, and reporting data. Any new accounts created from that snapshot would also contain the majority of the data in the newly created account.

There is no limit to the number of sandbox accounts you can have in your agency account. Only snapshots can be upgraded to a paid plan.

Current paid or trial accounts cannot be converted into agency sandbox accounts.

To create a sandbox account, follow these steps:

1. log in to your Agency Dashboard and click the "Add New" button under the resold tab.

2. Complete the fields on the "Add New Account" page.

Since the sandbox account will be mainly for your own use, feel free to input your agency details here. If you would like to use a custom domain, you can add that as well.

3. Under the plan section, select "Non-recurring" then select "Sandbox."

4. Click the "Add Sandbox" button

The Sandbox account will take a few moments to prepare. Once it's prepared, we'll display the Login URL, Username, and Password for your Sandbox account.

To create properties in your Sandbox account, such as automations, templates, campaigns, pipelines, and more, click the "Login" button for that Sandbox account located on the Reseller Dashboard.

How to create a snapshot

A snapshot can be thought of as a time-stamped version of your sandbox account. Once you create a snapshot, data from your sandbox account at that point in time will be created and securely stored. You can then use this snapshot to quickly and easily create new client accounts. When a new client account is created from a snapshot, the majority of your data will be captured in that snapshot will appear in the new client account. This includes any campaigns, templates, automations, forms, custom fields, tags, segment conditions, scoring rules, pipelines, contacts, campaign reports, automation reports, and deals that exist in your sandbox at the time the snapshot was created.

As a reminder, images from templates, campaigns, and automation emails will not be captured. These need to be manually added for each account you create from a snapshot.

Things to note:

  • All snapshots will have an Account Snapshot ID. You can reference this ID if you want to use the API to create new accounts from that snapshot in your Partner Dashboard.
  • Snapshots will be listed under "Account Snapshots" in the resold tab of your Dashboard. This will include the name, the account the snapshot was created from, as well as the date and time the snapshot was created.
  • There is no limit to the number of snapshots you can create. 
  • You can create multiple client accounts from a single snapshot.
  • Any changes made to a sandbox account will not affect current snapshots.
  • Snapshots cannot be edited.
  • If a snapshot is removed, accounts created from that snapshot will not be affected.
  • Removed snapshots cannot be restored.
  • Images from templates, campaigns, and automation emails will not be captured.

To create a snapshot of a sandbox account, follow these steps:

1. From the resold tab, click "Account Snapshots." 

2. In the "Create an Account Snapshot" box, click the dropdown and select the sandbox account you wish to create a snapshot of.

3. Type a name for the snapshot in the field provided. We recommend using something short and descriptive so you can easily recognize it. If you're creating this snapshot in order to create a new account, you can also use the new account's name here so you can easily identify the snapshot later. 

4. Click the "Create a snapshot" button.

5. A confirmation message will appear. Click "Ok."

A snapshot of your sandbox account will be created and will be listed under "My Snapshots" on the Account Snapshots page. In addition, we'll list the Account Snapshot ID which can be referenced via API to create new accounts.

Note that it can take a few moments for the Snapshot to be created.

How to create a new account from a snapshot

You can quickly and easily create new accounts for clients by using a snapshot. When you create a new account from a snapshot, all data except images from that snapshot will be replicated automatically in the new account. 

Note that in order to create an account using this method, you'll need to have a sandbox account and a snapshot of that sandbox.

To create a new account from a snapshot, follow these steps:

1. From the resold tab, click "Account Snapshots."

2. Locate the snapshot you wish to create an account from. Click "Create Account."

3. You will be redirected to the "Add New Account" page in your Dashboard. The snapshot you clicked will already be selected in the "Snapshot" dropdown. You can use a different snapshot by selecting it from the dropdown.

4. Complete the rest of the fields in the "Add New Account" page and click the "Add & Pay Now" button

Your card will be charged the amount shown at the bottom of the screen. The system will process the request and the account will be prepared. This can take a few moments.

During this time, DO NOT close your browser, hit the browser's back button, or reload the page.

Once the account has been prepared,  it will be listed on the resold tab dashboard. It will be an exact replica of the snapshot you selected.

In addition, we'll provide you with the following information that you can share with your client:

  • Account login URL
  • Account Username
  • Account Password

We will not send your client their account information.

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