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At ActiveCampaign, we strive to provide great deliverability for all of our customers. If you experience a high spam complaint rate, it can damage your sender reputation as well as our server reputation, which negatively affects other users of our platform.

To help you improve your spam complaint rate and get you back on track with improved sender health, we have implemented a Campaign Approval process. During this process, our Deliverability Team may need to place your account under review and reach out to you via email in order to assess why you have a high spam complaint rate. Placing an account under review is something we try to avoid, however, it is necessary in order to make sure that the issue is addressed. We also recommend checking out this help center article on reducing a high spam rate.

In the email communication from our Deliverability team, we’ll ask you the following questions to get a better understanding of why your spam complaint is high. When answering these questions, it’s best to provide as much specific information as possible. Once we have more information, we can then provide suggestions to help you improve so you can continue using our service.

What is the original source of your contacts?

For this question, we want to know where you obtained your list of contacts. For example, if you collected email addresses from a subscription form online, you will need to share the URL for that form. Other examples of how you acquired email addresses may include:

  • Contacts were migrated from a different email marketing software.
    If you’ve recently migrated to ActiveCampaign from another service, please be sure to let our Deliverability team know. In addition, we may ask you to provide us with information such as how recently your contacts have been sent to and recent send statistics from your previous email marketing platform.
  • Contacts purchased an item or service from you.
    Is there a box that contacts can check to opt into your emails? Is this box pre-checked? Be prepared to provide proof.
  • Contacts were collected offline or at a tradeshow.
    There are lots of different ways to collect email addresses at a Tradeshow. For example, did you use an offline sign-up form or a fishbowl to collect business cards? Did the method you use to collect email addresses clarify that individuals are signing up to receive marketing emails from you?

What steps were taken to acquire these contacts?

For this question, we want to know what the opt-in process was for your list of contacts. For example, how did contacts provide their email address to you? If you used an online subscription form to grow your list, did that form use a double or single opt-in? How recently were they added to your list?

If you’ve collected these contacts offline, did you follow-up with them to confirm their opt-in and clarify that they are signing up to receive marketing emails from you?

Were there any changes that may have led to a high complaint rate?

For this question, we’re looking to see if there were any recent changes to your list or sending practices. For example, if you’re sending to a new or re-imported list, this can result in a higher spam complaint rate. In addition, changes to how often you send to contacts can cause complaint rates to rise, especially if they haven’t received any emails from you in a long time, or if emails aren’t sent to them on a consistent basis.

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