View and edit deals with the ActiveCampaign Chrome extension

This feature is available on Plus, Professional, and Enterprise plans.

You can use the ActiveCampaign for Chrome extension to view and edit Deals for any Contact or Account right from your Gmail inbox. You can also search for Deals in the popup window from the extension’s search page.

See the Getting Started with the ActiveCampaign Chrome extension help article for additional resources.

1. Open your Gmail inbox.

2. Locate any email between you and the Contact you’d like to add a note to and open it. The ActiveCampaign Chrome extension will load on the right side panel.

3. Click the Deal view in the Contact or Account page of the side panel.

ChromeExtensionContacts.png       ChromeExtensionAccountDetail.png

4. The side panel will reload and display the Contact or Account’s latest Deal data that you can review and update.

Deal data listed here will include:

  • Deal name
  • Deal status
  • Deal stage
  • Deal owner
  • Deal value and currency
  • Pipeline
  • Deal related fields and notes


To update anything on the Deal, click the field you wish to modify and either type the new information or select it from a dropdown.

5. When finished, click the back arrow button in the header of the Deal detail page.


Any changes made to the Deal will save automatically and will be reflected in your ActiveCampaign account.


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