Get started with the ActiveCampaign Chrome extension

The ActiveCampaign Chrome extension brings your ActiveCampaign account straight to your Gmail inbox. With this browser extension, you can do the following without ever leaving your email:

  • Create and manage contacts (all plan levels)
  • View a list of automations that a contact has entered (all plan levels)
  • Add contacts to automations (all plan levels)
  • View list subscription status (all plan levels)
  • Add contacts to lists as well as update their subscription status (all plan levels)
  • Apply tags to contacts (all plan levels)
  • Create notes (all plan levels)
  • Create and manage deals (Plus, Professional, and Enterprise plans)
  • Create and assign tasks (Plus, Professional, and Enterprise plans)
  • Track email opens (Plus, Professional, and Enterprise plans)

 ActiveCampaign’s Chrome Extension supports syncing sent emails into ActiveCampaign, however, we currently do not support synching emails received in your inbox.

In addition, the language that the Chrome extension displays is the same language that you set your Chrome browser to. If the language selected in the Chrome browser is not supported by ActiveCampaign, the Chrome extension will display English. 

Using this extension will save you time from switching back and forth between windows and tabs and will surface a contact's record and/or deal information in a side panel when you open an email from them. In addition, this extension lets you see who opened your email and who may need a gentle nudge.

Below is a list of resources you can use to get started with the ActiveCampaign for Chrome extension. 

Extension setup

Manage contacts with the extension

Manage deals with the extension

Create and send emails with the extension

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