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The Exports page in your ActiveCampaign account lists all contact exports that are in progress and that are complete. This includes exports for:

  • All contacts
  • A single contact
  • Lists
  • Segments
  • Advanced searches

You can use this page to view details of your exports and download results.

Note that you will only see export results for exports you performed.

View your past exports

To view your past exports:

  1. Click Contacts in the left menu.
  2. Click "Exports."

    The Exports page will list all contact exports you performed.

    Export page example.png

    Each export on this page shows the date and time the export was created, the number of contacts contained in the export, the status of the export, and export actions.

View export conditions

Clicking the arrow next to the timestamp for an export will open a new tab in your browser where you can see the conditions used to create the export.

View Conditions by clicking arrow.png

For example, if you exported a list, you'll see the list name. If you exported a segment or an advanced search, you'll see those segment or search conditions.

Example of the segment or search or conditions.png

Export statuses

Each entry on the Exports page will have a status. They are:

  • Finished
    If an export has a "Finished" status, then that means the export ran successfully and you can download the results. An export will have a "Finished" status for 7 days. After 7 days, it will be listed as "Expired."
  • Expired
    An export with an "Expired" status means that the download link is no longer valid. If you need to download an expired export, you can do so by clicking "Retry" under Actions for that entry, then clicking "Export."
  • Failed
    An export with a "Failed" status means that the export was unsuccessful. If this happens, click "Retry" under Actions for that entry, then click "Export" again.

Export actions

There are two Export actions that you can use:

  • Download
    Clicking "Download" will allow you to download the export results.
  • Retry
    Clicking "Retry" will open a new tab in your browser where you can export the results.

  If your export opens as a text document, it is most likely that there is a special character in the export name. To fix, you will need to export the contacts again and rename the export with out special characters (!, #, $, etc.). If you use special characters, the file will export as a text document and not a CSV.

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