Create contacts with the ActiveCampaign Chrome extension

You can use the ActiveCampaign for Chrome extension to add new contacts to your ActiveCampaign account right from your Gmail inbox. Contacts can only be added to your ActiveCampaign account from Gmail one at a time.

Note that customers on any plan level can use the ActiveCampaign for Chrome extension to create contacts and manage contact record details.

See the Getting Started with the ActiveCampaign for Chrome extension help article for additional resources.

1. Open your Gmail inbox.

2. Locate any email the contact sent to and open it. The ActiveCampaign Chrome extension will load on the right side panel.

3. Click the "Add Contact" button. The side panel will reload.

Add Contact button

4. Provide high-level contact information.

Add the contact's name and phone number by clicking the name and phone fields and typing the information.

To add an Account to the contact's profile (Plus, Professional, and Enterprise plans), click the Account dropdown and click the Account name.

Add contact details

5. Add tags to the contact.

Now you can add tags to the contact so you can better keep your contacts organized. To do so, click the "Tags" field and type the tag you wish to apply. As you type, we'll suggest existing tags you can use. To use a suggested tag, click it from the list of options. To create a new tag, click the "Create" button.

Click create button

6. Enter custom contact field values.

Next, enter values for any custom contact fields that are listed in the side panel. To do so, click the field and either type or select the field value. Click outside of the field when finished to save the information.

If you don't know any custom field information now, that's ok. You can always add it later.

Add value to a custom field

The contact will be added to your ActiveCampaign account. 

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