Using a saved response in a one-to-one email

In this article, you'll learn how to insert a saved response into a one-to-one email. 

1. Go to either the contact profile page or a deals page for a contact.

2. Click “Send Email" located in the taskbar.

Click Send Email

3. The message composer will open. Click the "Saved Responses" icon.

Click Saved Responses

4. Click the Saved Response you wish to use in your email.

Insert a saved response

Personalization tags will appear as blue and will populate with values from the contact record:

Personalization tag

If any of the personalization tags appear in red, then this means the contact does not have a value for that field. If you try to send a personal email with a tag highlighted in red, you will be asked to add a value for that field before sending your message.

5. Click “Send” to send the email to your contact. 

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