Get started with the ActiveCampaign Shopify integration


The ActiveCampaign for Shopify integration is a two-way sync that sends actionable purchase and abandoned cart data directly from your Shopify store into your ActiveCampaign account for both logged in customers and guests.

You can use this data to send customized follow-up emails to your contacts, trigger automations to run based on customer and purchased data, create list segments, configure automation goals, and more.

Below is a list of resources you can use to get started with the ActiveCampaign Shopify integration

Integration setup

How to connect your Shopify store to ActiveCampaign

Data synced from the ActiveCampaign Shopify integration

Using the integration

Start an automation when a contact places an order in your ecommerce store

Personalize campaigns and automation emails with Deep Data information

Use ActiveCampaign Ecommerce segment conditions

Deep data and currency

Recover abandoned carts

Abandoned cart deep data overview

How do I create an abandoned cart automation?

How do I add abandoned cart information to my emails?


ActiveCampaign ecommerce dashboard

Ecommerce reporting in ActiveCampaign

Marketing revenue report

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