How to trigger ActiveCampaign automations with a third-party integration

Third-party branded triggers allow you to seamlessly trigger an automation when an event occurs in a connected app. 

Where to find third-party branded automation triggers

Third-party branded triggers are located under the "CX Apps" portion of the "Add a start trigger modal."


How third-party branded automation triggers work

Each third-party integration listed in the table below has its own unique branded trigger in the ActiveCampaign automation builder. These triggers become available to use as soon as the integration is enabled in your ActiveCampaign account. 

These triggers "listen" for the appropriate third-party tag to be added to a contact from the integration. Once the tag is added, the contact is then pulled into the automated workflow through that trigger. These triggers only one once per contact. They can be configured to "listen" for tags to be added from any submission through an integration or a specific submission.

Here is a breakdown of each third-party integration, what the trigger is called, and the tag each integration "listens" for:

Third-party integration Automation trigger name Tag the trigger "listens" for
Calendly Calendly meeting received calendly-integration-[youreventname]
Typeform Typeform form received typeform-integration-[yourformname]-form
Unbounce Unbounce page received unbounce-integration-[your_landing_page_name]
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