Classic Designer: Predictive Content quick answers


This article provides short answers to common questions about the Predictive Content feature.

Is Predictive Content available on all email designers?

Currently, Predictive Content is only available with the Classic Designer. Coming soon, it will be available in the Email Designer (launched 2022). It is not available with custom HTML or text-only designers.

Are there any suggestions or guidelines for writing variants?

Yes! Please see the Tips for writing Predictive Content variants help article for more information.

Can I use personalization tags in the Predictive Content block?

Yes, absolutely! We encourage you to do so.

How does Predictive Content work with new subscribers?

In cases where subscribers are new or never seen, we will assign them a random variant to collect information about those subscribers and better predict what kind of email they will click on in the future.

Is Predictive Content available for image blocks?

No, predictive content is not available for image blocks at this time.

Can I add an image to the Predictive Content block?

No, it is not possible to drag an image file into the Predictive Content block.

What other languages are supported in Predictive Content?

Only English is supported at this time. If you use a mix of English and another language, the feature will not function properly.

Can I see which variant a contact will receive before the email is sent?

It is not possible to see which variant a contact will receive before the email is sent. However, you can see how well each variant performed with your contacts with the Predictive Content report.

How do I test the different variants?

You can send a test email to yourself or anyone of your colleagues using the "Send a Test Email" function on the Campaign Summary page. This will send you (or whoever is testing) all versions of your email.

Is reporting available with the Predictive Content block?

Yes, you can use the Predictive Content report to see how well each variant performed.

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