How to connect your Stripe account to ActiveCampaign

With ActiveCampaign's Stripe integration, you can sync data from Stripe into your ActiveCampaign account. Doing so will allow you to create and update contacts in ActiveCampaign and trigger automated workflows when an event occurs in Stripe.

Take note

  • You will need an ActiveCampaign account and a Stripe account to set up the integration
  • This integration is available on all ActiveCampaign levels
  • This integration will not add contacts directly to a list in ActiveCampaign
  • You can only map Stripe fields to existing fields in ActiveCampaign. This integration will not create any new fields in your ActiveCampaign account
  • This integration does not support the one-time payment feature

How the ActiveCampaign Stripe integration works

When you set up the ActiveCampaign Stripe integration, you must select a Stripe Resource and Resource Event. Whenever the chosen resource event occurs in your Stripe account, contact data will sync to ActiveCampaign through a webhook from Stripe. For Stripe, each webhook is an event.

You can choose to sync data when:

  • A charge is successful or refunded
  • A customer is added or updated
  • A subscription is created, updated, deleted, or trial ended
  • An invoice is created or updated
    • Payment is failed or successful
    • Upcoming payment (auto-payment)
  • An order is created or updated, or payment failed or succeeded

Contacts synced from the Stripe integration

All contacts synced to ActiveCampaign through a resource event will have the following two tags on their contact records:

  • stripe-integration
  • stripe-integration-EVENT_NAME

Stripe automation trigger

Once the integration setup is complete, a new Stripe automation trigger will appear in your ActiveCampaign account.


This automation trigger is under the "CX Apps" section of the trigger modal. You can use this trigger to create automated workflows to send post-purchase emails or experience surveys to your customers.

The events available in this trigger are determined by the Resource Event you selected when you set up the integration.

Connect Stripe to your ActiveCampaign account

  1. From your ActiveCampaign account, click "Apps." 
  2. Use the search field on the top right of the "All Apps" page and search for Stripe.
  3. Click the Stripe option to open it.
  4. The Stripe app page will load. Click the "Connect Account" button.
  5. A modal window will open. Paste or type your Stripe Secret Key into the field provided, then click the "Connect" button.
    • The API token is available on your Stripe dashboard: Live API Keys > Secret Key
  6. On the next screen, you'll need to choose both a Resource and Resource Event that will trigger a sync between Stripe and ActiveCampaign. To do so:
    • Click the "Choose Resource" dropdown, then click the resource you would like to use. You can choose from the following: Charge, Customer, Subscription, Invoice, Order
    • Click the "Resource Event" dropdown and click the event you would like to use. The resource you select determines the items in the "Resource Events" dropdown 
    • Click the "Continue" button to move to the next screen.
  7. Next, you'll need to map fields from your Stripe account to your ActiveCampaign account. Note that mapping the email address field is required.
    • Click the first Stripe dropdown field and click the field you wish to sync to the Email address field in ActiveCampaign
    • Map the Stripe ID field by clicking the second ActiveCampaign dropdown and clicking the field you wish to map to (optional)
    • If mapping the Customer Name field from Stripe, note that we'll dynamically separate the value into the First Name and Last Name fields in ActiveCampaign
    • Map additional fields by clicking the "Add field mapping" option
    • Click the "Finish" button

A confirmation message will appear on the Stripe app page in your ActiveCampaign account, letting you know that the integration setup is complete.

From this page, you can:

  1. View your connected Stripe account email address
  2. View the resource connection status
  3. View the resource Name
  4. View sync logs
  5. Connect another Stripe account
  6. Connect a new resource
  7. Disconnect your Stripe account
  8. Disconnect a resource


The Stripe integration will also appear on the "Connected Apps" page in your ActiveCampaign account.

Update field mapping

You can update field mapping for your connected Stripe resource at any time. Once field mapping is updated, all submissions moving forward will reflect the new mapping rules. It will not alter or change any fields for contacts who were synced before this update.

To update mapping for your Stripe fields:

  1. Navigate to the Stripe app page in your ActiveCampaign account (click Apps > Connected Apps > Stripe).
  2. Click the resource you wish to update. 
  3. Locate the field mapping you wish to update and use the dropdowns to update the mapping.
  4. Click the "Finish" button.

Disconnect a Stripe resource from ActiveCampaign

When you disconnect a Stripe resource, your ActiveCampaign account will stop receiving data from Stripe whenever an event for the resource occurs. You can always reconnect the resource to your account in the future if you need to.

Removing a resource will not remove any previously synced data from your ActiveCampaign account.

To disconnect a Stripe resource:

  1. Navigate to the Stripe app page in your account (click Apps > Connected Apps > Stripe).
  2. Click the trash icon next to the resource you would like to disconnect
  3. A confirmation modal will appear. Click the "Remove" button.

The resource will be removed from the Stripe app page in your ActiveCampaign account. Your Stripe account is still connected to ActiveCampaign.

Disconnect your Stripe account from ActiveCampaign

You can disconnect your Stripe account from ActiveCampaign at any time. Doing so means that:

  • The Stripe account will no longer appear under "Connected Apps"
  • Data will no longer transfer from your Stripe account to your ActiveCampaign account

The disconnection will not remove previously synced data from your ActiveCampaign account.

To disconnect your Stripe account:

  1. Navigate to the Stripe app page in your ActiveCampaign account (click Apps > Connected Apps > Stripe).
  2. Click the "Disconnect" button.
  3. A "Disconnect Account" confirmation modal will appear. Click the "Disconnect" button.

Your Stripe account will be disconnected from your ActiveCampaign account. You can reconnect the integration at any time and remap fields for Resources you'd like to use.

"There was an error saving your connection" message


If you integrated your Stripe account with other services, you might see this message in your field mapping step. 

Stripe has a hard limit on the number of webhooks they allow per account between their application and another. This limit is 16 webhooks per Stripe account. You can see the number of active webhooks by logging into your Stripe account.

To resolve this error, you need to deactivate or delete one of the 16 active webhooks. 

To learn more about these webhooks, visit Stripe's Take webhooks live document. 

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