How site tracking works with your ActiveCampaign landing page


Site tracking lets you see visits made by identified contacts to your landing page in real time. Use this information to segment contacts, trigger automations, personalize emails, adjust lead scores, and more.

About site tracking

Site tracking gives you insight into what individual contacts are doing on your site by showing you what pages they visit, when they visit, and how many times they visited. Site tracking information appears on the profile records for contacts and in the floating segment builder.

In order to see site tracking information in your ActiveCampaign account, contacts must first be identified. Learn how contacts are identified when they visit your page.

Having site tracking data lets you create marketing and sales processes that leverage behavioral targeting, triggered messages, and granular segmentation to improve the experience of your contacts and increase conversions.

To learn more about the advantages of site tracking and why it's important, visit An overview of site tracking.

How site tracking is added to your landing page

How site tracking is added to your landing page depends on which landing page domain you use. You can use the landing page domain we provide or you can use a custom domain (CNAME).

If using the domain we provide, site tracking code is automatically applied to each landing page you publish.

  • As a reminder, the landing page domain we provide will look something like this:
  • If your account is white-labeled, or if you're an Agency Partner providing landing pages to your customers, the landing page URL will look something like this:

If using a CNAME for your landing page, you will need to turn site tracking on and whitelist your CNAME.

How to turn on site tracking if using a landing page CNAME

If you're using a CNAME for your landing page URL, you will need to turn site tracking on then whitelist your domain. These steps are completed on the Settings > Tracking page in your ActiveCampaign account.

For more information about using a CNAME with your landing page, visit Connect your domains to ActiveCampaign pages.

From your ActiveCampaign account:

  1. Click "Website" in the left menu.
  2. Click the "Site Tracking" option.
  3. In the Site Tracking section of the page, click the "Enable" toggle to set it to the "On" position.
  4. Next type or paste your ActiveCampaign page domain into the "Add Website URL" field provided then click the "Add" button.

By default, the "Include all website pages" box means that visits to any page that uses the CNAME provided will be tracked, regardless of the page slug. If you do not wish to use this option, uncheck that box.

The site tracking code will be automatically applied to each published page you create in ActiveCampaign.

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