About the "ActiveCampaign Recent Activity" component in Microsoft Dynamics 365


The "ActiveCampaign Recent Activity" component lists up to 25 recent activities in ActiveCampaign for each synced lead and contact. This component will appear on every lead and contact profile page in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

In this article, you'll learn about the activities displayed and how to filter them by type.

Take note

  • This component is available with the ActiveCampaign Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration
  • All contact and lead page layouts will have this component in Microsoft Dynamics
  • Only contacts and leads synced through this integration will display marketing activities
  • You do not need special permissions to view activities in this component

Marketing activities displayed

The "ActiveCampaign Recent Activity" component displays the following activities:

  • Campaign opened
  • Campaign replied
  • Campaign was sent
  • Campaign link clicked
  • Entered automation
  • Completed automation
  • Site & Event tracking
    This will list a tracked page visit or event the contact or lead completed. Page visits are tracked with the ActiveCampaign Site Tracking feature. Events are tracked using the ActiveCampaign Event Tracking feature.

Filtering marketing activities

At the top of the "ActiveCampaign Recent Activity" component, there are three buttons:


  • Campaigns
    This is represented by an envelope icon.
  • Automations
    This is represented by a gear icon.
  • Site & Event Tracking
    This is represented by a calendar icon with a magnifying glass.

Click any one of these buttons to filter activities by type for a lead or contact.

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