How to add a column to your campaign

In addition to text boxes, images, and other assets, you may also want to add a column to your email campaign.

In this article you will learn how to add a column to your campaign.

Add a column to your Email Designer campaign

Adding a column to your campaign with ActiveCampaign’s Email Designer (launched in 2022) is easier than ever using Structures. You can choose to add a structure with one or several containers to create columns with the following steps:

  1. Under the Content tab in your campaign, click and drag a new Structure into your campaign. You can choose to add a Structure with the amount of containers you’d like in this step:


  2. If you need to add additional containers after you have the Structure in place, click inside the structure so it is highlighted in green:


  3. On the right sidebar, click the plus (+) sign next to the container to add additional containers.


  4. To adjust the size of the containers, click the equal symbol to keep the containers the same size in the section or click the plus and minus buttons to adjust to your desired sizes.


  5. Once you have the desired amount of containers, click and drag the desired blocks into the containers. Learn more about Email Designer: Blocks.

Add a column to your Classic Designer campaign

To add a column to your campaign using the Classic Designer:

  1. Click and drag a new content block to the edge of any existing content block of your choice.
  2. Move the content block around until only the edge of the content block you want to be the first column is highlighted.
  3. If you wish, adjust the column size by clicking on that content block, mouse over the side, and drag the column to your desired width.
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