SMS STOP clause requirements

Available on Plus, Professional, and Enterprise.

All SMS senders are required to include a STOP clause to inform contacts how to unsubscribe from SMS communications. ActiveCampaign automatically includes this clause in all SMS messages that do not otherwise contain a STOP clause.

How a STOP reply works

If a contact wishes to opt out of SMS communications, they can reply with the word “STOP.” An automated response to STOP is sent by the SMS platform to confirm the unsubscribe.

The default reply for this is the following:

"You have successfully been unsubscribed. You will not receive any more messages from this number. Reply START to resubscribe."

Note that only single-word messages will trigger the block. If you send "STOP NOW" instead of just "STOP," the block will not be triggered and you will continue to receive SMS.

Here are supported keywords that can be used to trigger the block:

  • STOP
  • END
  • QUIT

Things to note

  • There is no notification to report back inside your ActiveCampaign account for when a START happens
  • If no opt-out language keywords are detected in the customer's message body, the string ‘Reply STOP to opt out’ is automatically appended to the end of each message at the point of sending. This string is added to messages going to a unique phone number once every 30 days for an account.
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