Basic troubleshooting steps for your ActiveCampaign account

There may be times when you experience unexpected behavior with your ActiveCampaign account that affects performance. This can include certain areas of the platform not loading, not performing correctly, or seeing error messages. These issues are usually related to your browser.

This article contains different methods you can use to help you troubleshoot these issues when they arise:

Use a different browser or update your browser

Some errors or unexpected behavior can be specific to your browser, such as an extension or a cache and cookies issue.

The first step we recommend is to open a different browser and try to see if you see the same issues or behavior. For example, if your preferred browser is Chrome, try using Mozilla Firefox or any other browser to recreate the issue.

If you do not see the same behavior in the other browser, then the issue is related to your preferred browser. See the other methods below to resolve the issue.

In addition, make sure that the browser you are using is the latest version and install any recommended updates.

Clear browser cache and cookies

Web browsers store information from websites in their cache and cookies. This helps make your device, browser, or app run faster and more efficiently. Sometimes the information saved in your cache and cookies can affect how the ActiveCampaign platform runs on your browser. To help alleviate the issue, you can clear your browser's cache and cookies.

Below are instructions on clearing cache and cookies for popular browsers.

Note that you need to follow the steps for clearing browsing history and cookies for Internet Explorer and Safari. All other browsers clear browsing data and cookies in a single action.

Turn off browser extensions

Sometimes installed extensions can affect how the ActiveCampaign platform performs in your browser. Turning off extensions one at a time can help you pinpoint the extension that is interfering with your activity.

Below are instructions on how to turn off or deactivate extensions in popular browsers:

Use an incognito browser

Using ActiveCampaign in a private browser window can sometimes help resolve unexpected or strange behavior with your account.

Below are instructions on using private browsing windows:

Contact the ActiveCampaign Support team

If these steps above do not help alleviate the issue you're experiencing, please contact our Support team.

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